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Fieldnote is a purpose-built tool to structure, prioritise and track your growth experiments

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Fieldnote helps them understand their growth strategy

We were lost, not able to see anything.

"We have been there, and we are often still there. In that dark place where so many options, lack of insight and so much noise polutes our understanding of growth. Hence we created Fieldnote.

Your product is unique and you can't copy what AirBnB, Dropbox or Uber is doing.
You need to apply a structured process and be disciplined. Only then you will find the silver bullets of hyper growth.

Remember - the way your customers meet your product is part of your product."
Simon Sylvest, Head of Founders Growth Team & Fieldnote team member

Fieldnote is based on 3 pillars & discipline

1. Backlog

To quickly list, score and prioritise your ideas. (structured according to AARRR)

Never just start on a growth activity. Ideas and activity is not a goal in itself.
Social ads
Targeting Blogs
Email Marketing
Offline Events
Offline Ads

2. Experiment doc.

To document experiments and learnings. 

Align yourself and team on what will happen. The power of writing things down.
Write a shortlist article for LinkedIn about managers of the future should work and how Company can help them.
If the experiment is successful, I predict that we will be able to attract 150 readers.

3. Pipeline

To track and overview experiments.

Focus must be on learnings and impact.
Double down on what works.
Actual Hours

Better understand your growth

Wow that worked well! But what exactly worked, and how can we repeat?Understanding “why" is paramount to successful growth hacking.

Fieldnote helps you increase your chances for identifying the succesfull elements of your growth activities.

Become more structured and disciplined

What about this? Why are we doing this? We could also do this...

Fieldnote ensures that the idea generation, preparation and execution of your growth activities doesn’t end up in big non prioritised mess.  Order of operation matters a lot.

One place for your team to work and learn

Evernote, mail, meetings, slack, trello… What is the epicenter of your growth work? Fieldnote provides a one-stop-shop for the key pillars of your work. 

Fieldnote ensures that learnings are stored and ready to be shared with your team and new hires.

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Fieldnote is a purpose-built tool to structure, prioritise and track your marketing experiments.

We who were lost...

Fieldnote is built, constantly improved and used everyday by Founders Growth Team. Founders is CPH based startup studio. The Growth Team is working across the various companies pushing the boundaries of sustainable and innovative growth.

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Simon Sylvest
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Ditte Cramer
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