Distribution Research

Get insights about how your competitors are distributing their product

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In-depth research guide on how to understand your competitive landscape.
Research and analyse the traffic sources driving the most traffic to your competitors’ website.
Insights to discover untapped potential and get new growth ideas.

The 4 elements of Founders Distribution Research

You vs competitors

Compare yourself to 3-5 competitors or peers you admire and want to outperform

Traffic sources

Research the traffic sources that drive most traffic to competitors’ website and explore each of them in-depth


Process and analyse all data/insights you have gathered about your competitors’ traffic sources

Growth Ideas

Write down all your new growth ideas, prioritise them and start executing.

Other tools, hacks and learnings

Growth Machine

Structure, prioritise and understand your growth activities.
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Positioning & landing page

Nail positioning and build your first kickass landing page.
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