The Growth Machine

Structure, prioritise and understand your growth activities.

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Structured processes for executing marketing activities
Focus on learning from experiments and understanding why they failed or succeeded
Preparation, prioritisation, alignment and knowledge sharing of growth activities

The 3 pillars of Founders Growth Machine


List, score and prioritise all your growth ideas. Never just start executing on a new idea. Always put it in the backlog and keep focus on what you started.

Experiment doc.

Describe the purpose of the growth experiments you want to run and why.
Take advantage of the power of writing things down to align yourself and team before doing anything: why exactly are you doing this?


Get an overview on, track and understand all your ongoing experiments.
Focus on learnings and impact. Compare and identify your experiments’ successes and failures

Other tools, hacks and learnings

Positioning & landing page

Nail positioning and build your first kickass landing page.
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Distribution Research

Get insights about how competitors are distributing their product
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