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How to find any email address - for free

There are a lot of tools for searching e-mails on scale, such as Pipetop, Datanyze and others. But sometimes, you might just be searching for those extra few e-mail addresses that you need for your cold e-mailing endeavors.

1. Find the structure of the e-mail with

Just enter the domain of the company and find how they structure their e-mails, whether it’s name@company; initials@company; name.surname@company etc. In some situations, this may already be enough, the right person might pop up there.


2. Check if the e-mail address is correct with

Once you got the structure of the mail on-point, you can now enter the e-mail of the person you are looking for. Just enter the name of the person you are searching for (you can find names on Linkedin/company websites) in the right structure.


3. Bonus – use MixMax to quickly draft emails and track opens

If you have collected a few e-mails and want to send the same e-mail to all those recipients, the easiest and fastest way to do it by using Mail Merge:


You can also use MixMax or a handful of other services such as Yesware, SideKick and so on, for tracking the opens of the e-mails you have just sent out.


Final note: Voila Norbert and Emailhunter have a limited number of searches per month based on the IP. A way around it is to use an extension like Hola and mask your IP after you reach the limit.

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