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Look Mom, new year, new me!

Welcome to Founders Growth Toolbox 2.0, a shiny new resource packed with free tools, juicy hacks and learnings tailored for early-stage startups.

Welcome to Founders Growth Toolbox 2.0, a shiny new resource packed with free tools, juicy hacks and learnings tailored for early-stage startups — all based on our experiences building 10+ companies from scratch.

We put together the first version back in 2016. Since then we’ve picked up plenty more bruises on our knees and wins under our belts! So, we thought it was time for some changes.

TLDR: Here’s the new Growth Toolbox!


So, what’s new? Well for once, reading is so 2017

Besides the kickass re-design from our lovely designer, Lisa, the main thing we’ve done is turn our playbooks into actionable tools and easily accessible templates, hacks and learnings (instead of hiding them in 15 min reads😉).

The first version was mainly based on Founders Growth Machine — a tool we are still super proud of and use on a daily basis in the Founders Growth Team but now we can share all the good stuff with you in one place.

What you get:

Is that all? Nope, there’s more to come: Founders’ Sales Machine 1.0 is in the making! A practical guide about how to get your first 10 trial users based on our experiences with prospecting, email outreach, etc. Be one of the first to get your hands on it by signing up for our Founders Fieldnotes email.

We are super excited about the Growth Toolbox 2.0 and would love your feedback. What works, what doesn’t, what’s missing? We want to hear it all! Just send it in my direction


Ain’t no growth hack fairytales

We see a great value in sharing our learnings from our various growth experiments — both the successful ones and the miserable failures. At Founders, learning from experiments is a way for us to focus on what worked/what didn’t work in order to get even smarter for next time.

We believe that growth hacking isn’t about one sneaky hack, it’s about rigorous hard work, structured processes and the right mindset — especially if you’re working in an early stage startup. This is a mindset we want to spread to help all of us grow our companies more sustainably and thereby successfully.

Our tools are also supposed to be a bit of an antidote to the growth hack fairy tales we all know, like how Hotjar got 60,000 beta sign-ups in 6 Months or how Dropbox become a $4 billion company. They make it sound like a piece of cake so you can’t wait to try it out yourself. But just copying their growth strategy won't give the same results for your product. There’s no “one-size-fits-all”, it’s always a new situation that you are in.

This is one of the reasons why we believe growth hacking is more about having the right mindset, hard work and structured processes: this is the foundation of our Growth Toolbox.

We are constantly learning from our growth experiments to improve the toolbox. So if you want to get closer to finding your silver bullet — stay tuned by signing up for Founders Fieldnotes.

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Founders is a company that builds companies. We partner with exceptional people to create new products and services and scale them as independent companies when they gain traction. We are in it with you 100% and we get our hands dirty, just like we expect you to do. Take a look at some of the portfolio companies we have built — Pleo, Duuoo, Kontist… to name a few.

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